​A new approach to changing minds

-- Arlene Dickinson

"As much a self-help tome as it is a how-to manual for gaining success in marketing and in business."

​-- National Post

How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

The untapped selling power of contact marketing

​-- Stu Heinecke

"With this book, Stu gives you everything you could possibly need to get all of the meetings you could possibly want."

-- Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker

Mastering the Complex Sale

How to compete and win when the stakes are high!

​-- Jeff Thull

"Mastering the Complex Sale lays out the most significant business and sales strategy to come along in years. It is clearly leading-edge thinking. As a technology innovator, we see it as a must. Read it and win!"

-- Tim Klein, CEO of ATTO Technology Inc.

Marketing and Negotiations

These books remove the sleazy car salesman approach of selling, and walk you through a step-by-step approach that discovers what the client needs (as opposed to wants or thinks they want) and shows you how to develop that perfect product and/or service for them. Mark them up, put in bookmarks, because you will return to these books over and over again.


The Psychology of Persuasion

​-- Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.

"For marketers, it is among the most important books written in the last 10 years."

​-- Journal of Marketing Research

The New Strategic Sellling

The unique sales system proven successful by the world's best companies

​-- Robert B. Miller and Stephen E. Heiman with Tad Tuleja

"A practical guide offering new insight into the way salesmen can successfully promote big-ticket items to large organizations."

​-- Financial Post

Thinking Fast and Slow

​-- Daniel Kahneman

"As a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Kahneman creates a masterpiece. It is one of the most engaging collections of insights into the human mind ever written."

The Tipping Point

How little things can make a big difference

​-- Malcolm Gladwell

"A fascinating book that makes you see the world in a different way."

​-- Fortune

Selling to the Government

What it takes to compete and win in the world's largest market

​-- Mark Amtower

"It's rare that a guy who makes his living as a consultant will give away his experience in a book. Here, you're getting Mark's 30 years of wisdom in how to sell to government buyers. Grab it now!"

-- Ruth P. Stevens, Adjunct Professor Columbia Business School

Selling 101

What every successful sales professional needs to know

​-- Zig Ziglar

"Bestselling motivational author and speaker Zig Ziglar packs his proven selling techniques into this easy-to-read pocket reference. Read it and see your sales go through the roof!"