Harvard Business Review:
Guide to Office Politics

Rise above rivalry, avoid power games, build better relationships

​-- Karen Dillon

"Gain influence without losing your integrity, manage tensions when resources are scarce, and accept that not all conflict is bad."

People Management

I'm an engineer. I took courses in math, physics, and chemistry. However, as I've progressed into management positions, I've started to realize that I should have taken courses in politics, psychology, and maybe even baby-sitting. 

The real world is full of egos, with every person having different motivating factors that drive them. Managing people is a fundamental skill that we all need to work on, and these six books provide helpful tips for navigating the complicated world of human emotions.​

Working with Difficult People

Handling the ten types of problem people without losing your mind

​-- Amy Cooper Hakim and Muriel Solomon

"An indispensable guide to resolving conflict in the workplace."

How Successful People Think

​Change your thinking. Change your life.

-- John C. Maxwell

"This is a perfect compact read for today's fast-paced world."

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The only book you'll need to lead you to success

​-- Dale Carnegie

"Dale Carnegie's rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives."​​

Harvard Business Review:

Guide to Emotional Intelligence

​Strengthen relationships, build trust and influence, lead with resilience 

"This book shows you how to deal with difficult people, make smarter decisions, and bounce back from tough times."

The Psychology Book

Big Ideas Simply Explained

"Whether you're completely new to psychology, fully engaged as a student, or an armchair expert, you'll find plenty to intrigue and stimulate you inside this book."